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As a socially-inept person I absolutely detest interviews. However, it appears that being dosed up on strong painkillers can be good for you.

Fifteen days after donating my kidney to my husband I went for an interview. My Mummy had to take me because of my discomfort/pain, so I felt a bit like a child. I felt that the interview was pants. I admitted that I didn’t have a clue about one of the questions they asked (about the equality and diversity act) but managed to come up with an answer for it anyway. I thought I came across as quite flustered. They must surely have thought that I wasn’t interested in the position because I didn’t want a tour of the vast facilities (I did explain why). My interview only took half as long as the chap before me!

So you can imagine my surprise when they phoned this morning, one day later, to offer me the job. Apparently the interview went very well and they were impressed with my honesty. Mummy says that I looked really nice too, so that probably helped!


I start after Christmas. In effect it’s just a TA position, but it’s with post-16 year olds instead of secondary age students. It’s less hours and thus less money than I’m used to, but there will be the opportunity to advance and rise.

And hey, it’s a job in a world where jobs can be somewhat competitive to actually get into so I’m not going to grumble. Not to mention that when I saw the position advertised the first thought that came into my head was,’ Oooh, I want that!’

Who’s a Happy Bunny then?


  1. Cathy (eeyore17026)

    Silly goose! We keep telling you how wonderful you are! One of these days you’ll believe we’re right about that! :-)

    It’s wonderful that you were able to find a job that you want to do so easily! You must have really impressed them at the interview!

    Congratulations! :-D

  2. Zoe

    I said this on FB, but sincere congrats. Sometimes I think potential employers respect the upfront honesty and openness more than any of the bullsh*t that people try and spin them.

    Clearly they saw what we’ve all been seeing too. You rock; and you deserve to start believing in yourself Missus!

    I’m so pleased for you, I really, really am. :-)

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