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Just for fun!

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I was inspired by my cousin’s daughter because I want to win her Goody Bag.



  1. iamjessw

    Welcome to the club! :)

    Thanks for the comment and the tips- I’m getting my blog re-designed at the moment and my own domain name is definitely something I’m looking into! My techno skills suck… might have to bribe the IT department to help… hmm. x

  2. Cathy

    So… do you get points for more people signing up or just for posting the link? (or am I completely misunderstanding the entire thing?)

  3. Katiefinger

    No, you just have to ‘claim your blog’ by posting the link so they know it’s yours. I had every intention of deleting this post but now I have comments on it I’ll leave it up and revel in my popularity!

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