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on being me


Me … wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend.  Born sometime in the decade of Disco.  BA (hons) in Religious Studies and Sociology from Sunderland University.  Also known as Elizabeth and Poppylicious (depending on circumstances and secretiveness).  Qualified secondary school teacher, now working in a supportive role in Further Education.  Prone to anxiety and worrisomeness.  Likely to make snide remarks in moments of frustration and then deeply regret them. I have just the one kidney and a beautiful scar on my belly.

the blokey

I met him in the spring of 2002 and married him in the autumn of 2006; he’s been known (online, affectionately) as The Blokey since I plonked my arse down in front of the computer and started keeping a blog in 2003.  He’s my very own computer whizzkid, and I tend to treat him like s.hit (but not all the time.)  He’s sixteen months younger than me which makes him my very own toyboy.  I like that.  Following a diagnosis of ESRD (kidney failure) in 2009 he spent two and a bit years on haemoD (dialysis) until the October of 2011, when I lovingly went through copious amounts of the worst pain in the world in order that he could live a near-normal life with my left kidney.


She’s our baby, a cat.  She rescued us from a life of ‘hey, we can go wherever we want, whenever we want!’ shortly after we became the proud owners of our first mortgage in 2005.  She’s our success story, and when she purrs she sounds like a pigeon.  And a thing which makes a very loud noise (a very Big Thing) … we have to turn the sound up on the tellybox.  Tsk. (RIP, Tabz … passed away 30th March 2011.)


Also known as The Mogster, Moggly and Moggly-Moo-Moo.  Adopted us from Wood Green, July 2010. Loves play-fighting and eating electrical cables.  The little girl over the road thinks he’s a lion; he’s incredibly stunning and a fine figure of a feline. Missing since Sunday 15th April 2012, following a hailstorm; still waiting for him to trot home. *sniffle*


Known as Dora-Do-Da, ‘Splorer, Dors (are you coming in, Dors or are you going out, Dors?) and Chatty Bitch. Adopted us from Wood Green, May 2011. Loves telling us about her day, sniffing Mog’s bum and chasing shadows.  She’ll eat butterflies, but tends to ignore spiders.  Stupid cat.


Sometimes known as Qyzy. He melted our hearts at Wood Green in the July of 2012.  He has fabulously massive whiskers and annoys the pants off Dora.  When he curls up in our arms and gazes adoringly at us whilst petting our face with his paws, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.  Awww …


Where we live … it smells of onions and is exceedingly flatter than where you live.


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  1. San

    Hi Poppy how are you? I hope you and Blokey are doing okay. I’ve been missing you at ihd for quite a while now.

    Love, Cas (Sandra)

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