Katiefinger: a perkily paranoid pedant, with a sneaky sarcastic streak and a love of vodka, cats, films, old musty books, antique fairs and perfume bottles …

She’s been around for an eternity, filling every corner of the www with her presence.  Here, there, everywhere … searching for that little place she can lovingly call home.  She finally thought she’d found it at Xanga.com (2003), but it became tainted with all sorts of odds and sods that caused havoc in her (pretty) little head.  She didn’t need chaos.  She tried other avenues (Blogger and LJ, even Yahoo!) but these other places couldn’t quench the thirst.  She even attempted to write under different names, but she is katiefinger.

That realisation brought with it the reminder that katiefinger is her.  And why not make use of that and show thankfulness to The Blokey, who once made a commitment to his One True Love by buying her the katiefinger.com domain.

If she can’t host her own blog on her own domain, what’s the point in anything?

She is katiefinger, after all.

So why the blog?  Because she can.  Besides, why not?

Also to be found at this blog too, which details a life living with kidney failure, dialysis and transplant.